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Why did I receive this citation?

Public safety in our parks has always been the number one concern of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA). Hikers, joggers, school classes, and strollers frequent the park access roads within our parks.  As more and more cars share these access ways with people, the potential for serious injury increases.  The need for drivers to slow down and obey stop sign laws in our parks has never been greater.
While MRCA Park Rangers are California Peace Officers, they also perform maintenance, interpretation, and fire rescue duties at parks throughout the Southern California region.  Automated stop sign enforcement uses camera systems and sensors to detect stop sign violations.  A stop sign violation consists of a vehicle not coming to a complete stop behind the limit line.  The violation is detected and the camera system records a video image of the entire incident including the vehicle and its surroundings.  Automated enforcement of stop signs in heavily used parks makes sense as an additional tool to keep all park users safe, while making drivers more aware of the potential hazards around them.
The MRCA wants drivers to slow down on its park access roadways and follow rules in the parks.  Thousands of recreational users enjoy the trails and natural beauty of MRCA parklands every day.  We want to ensure that they can do so safely.


Is this a courtesy notice?

No. This is not a courtesy notice. A California Peace Officer has issued this citation after reviewing the evidence of a driving violation.


How may I view the basis for the citation?

Video and/or still picture evidence may be viewed at Please follow instructions on your citation. Or you can also view the evidence online by appointment at Franklin Canyon Park (310) 858-0117. Photo identification is required for all appointments.


Can other people view the evidence?

No. The records are confidential. These records can be accessed for official purposes only by the MRCA personnel reviewing the evidence, or the registered owner of the violating vehicle.


How do I pay this citation?

Click here or follow instructions on your citation.

Advance Deposit Hardship Waiver


How can I contest this citation?

You have the right to contest the imposition of a penalty in an administrative hearing. To schedule a hearing and have the matter reviewed by a Hearing Officer, please follow the instructions included with your citation.


What if I do not pay my citation?

Failure to pay the assessed administrative penalties and/or administrative costs specified in the administrative order may be enforced as a personal obligation of the violator, which shall remain in effect until all of the administrative penalties, interest and administrative costs are paid in full.

Late payment charges of ten percent (10%) per month, simple interest on the delinquent amount, shall accrue and are payable. If the delinquent amount has not been paid within sixty days of the date set for payment then a twenty five percent (25%) nonpayment penalty shall be added to the principal amount due, and thereafter interest shall accrue on the delinquent amount plus the nonpayment penalty.


Will points be assessed on my California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Record because of this citation?

A Violation of the MRCA Ordinance will not be made part of the operating record of the driver or owner of the vehicle. As such, no DMV points will be assessed.


How can I get more information?

For all other questions, call the citation information line toll free at: (877) 847-2338 Monday-Friday between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm.


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